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A BASIC programming site. Putting the FUN and LIFE back into programming.                           (.....  PowerBASIC has already put the POWER in).

We want to capture all those fond memories coders have of learning BASIC and writing their first programs. And we want to encourage them to use that FUN and learned knowledge in the real world of production coding.

BASIC is easy to learn, this does not mean it is not powerful. You may have learnt with an interpreter, but that does not mean that you cannot use a compiler. BASIC is easy to read, easy to understand and therefore easier to maintain and brings the costs of ownership of the software down.

BASIC coding can be used for fast prototyping, which is just what we need in these current economic climates. We need to be able to react and change with the times. BASIC coding is quite simply the Agile and eXtreme programmers best friend.

Should you find a point in your application that needs extra speed, then you can combine your BASIC with an assembly routine. This can be done either as a library which is linked or with many of the new BASIC compilers comes the ability of using inline assembly code. This is further helped by the fact that while you have learned BASIC, you have learned many of the constructs and program flow methodology used in assembly. Even C programmers resort to assembly for the extra performance when required, and they struggle because C is nothing like assembler coding.

Whilst it may have been true that BASIC was slow in the early days of its interpreted life, this is no longer the case. Some of the BASIC compilers available now produce compiled code that is performance equivalent or better than its C counterpart. Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 used the same optimising compiler as its cousin, Microsoft Visual C and was able to use inline assembly and produce assembly listings (if you knew how).

There is no need to try and cross train to or learn C# when the BASIC you are moving from is clearly the better choice.

Here at we are putting together resources to encourage and empower BASIC programmers to seek their full potential.