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  • C to BASIC Converter prepares for its release                                                2012/06/08
  • Having solved many of the issues we found, we have reached v0.99
  • We are finalising the documentation and distribution package.
  • Screenshots will be posted soon and samples will be made available for download etc.


  • C to BASIC Converter prepares for final testing                                             2012/01/30
  • We are in the final stages of testing our C to BASIC Converter for its release.
  • We are having genuine success with production C code to production BASIC code conversions.


  • C to BASIC Converter reaches Beta                                                                  2011/10/11
  • Here at BASIC Programming .info we are hard at work increasing the compatibility of our C to PowerBASIC converter. But we have also reached version 0.7 and are now putting it into a rigorous Beta testing phase. Each iteration of testing brings us further to a production version. We do however have some difficult choices we need to make. The reason for using BASIC is clear, easy to read, easy to understand and easier to maintain code. Some of the C sources we have tested with, most certainly do not apply to these statements.


  • C to PowerBASIC conversion tests sought.                                                    2011/10/07
  • If you would like to help us in our endeavours then we would like it very much if you can provide test code to be converted. But please no obfuscated stuff. Code tests may be sent to  Thank you in advance if you decide to help.


  • C to PowerBASIC converter reaches prototype stage.                                2011/10/06
  • Our C to PowerBASIC converter is now in its prototype testing phase. We have run successful tests with basic C to PowerBASIC conversions and are hard at work devising conversions for some of the more complicated areas.