In the interest of promoting PowerBASIC and BASIC in general, we have created and are creating some useful items.


C To PowerBASIC Converter

This quite simply is a C to BASIC converter and a C++ to BASIC converter.

A powerful utility application to convert C and C++ source files to BASIC ... specifically PowerBASIC.

Since its inception, BASIC has been an easy to learn, easy to read and easy to understand programming language. These benefits alone must not be underestimated.

Many proponents of C have suggested that while BASIC is OK for learning, real power in a program could only be attained by using C. But ever since Microsoft brought out VB6, they used the same optimising compiler for both.

And PowerBASIC really have put the POWER in BASIC. In several cases where we have tested a conversion from C to PowerBASIC, we have found the converted code to not only be easier to read and understand, but also to be somewhat faster and more efficient than the C version.

We are working hard on expanding the codebase that our converter can support.

If anyone has any suggestions or requests that they would like incorporated then these can be sent to Please also feel free to register your interest.

Any code that is sent in to us will be held in the absolute strictest confidence.



Price:    To be confirmed when application is ready for release.




PowerBASIC Programming book
This book, some 1700+ pages so far is jam packed with tips and tricks to get your PowerBASIC coding off to a good start. But it does not stop there and covers intermediate and advanced subjects too.

Some of the subjects covered are as follows:

   A PowerBASIC Tutorial
   Implementing algorithms
   Error handling
   Profiling and optimising
   Graphics 2D and 3D
   Data and Input validation
   Windows Event handling
   Objects and COM
   Dynamic Data Exchange
   Programming Office
   Programming the Web

  The book also introduces powerful techniques for writing high-performance, reusable code.

Price:    To be confirmed soon